ann marie amick

photographer & painter


Oh hello there, & welcome to my lil' corner of the interweb universe.

*waves too enthusiastically through the screen at you* 

First and foremost, it's Ann Marie, not Ann.

I'm a photographer with a love of natural light, the human form and shadows. I love capturing people in their most natural element, and I love helping people understand what that actually is. 

Other things that I love: kittens, handsome bearded men, books, rain, singing and/or lip syncing, dancing very poorly, dancing like a bad ass, shirts that are so soft you just wanna rub your face in them. 

I've been shooting photography for the last 10 years and have met so many great people along the way. I love capturing nudes and lifestyle portraits, along with creating images that my clients love. My main goal is to capture YOU, as you are, in all your glory. I want you to have portraits you can look at and say, "Damn, I'm badass/gorgeous/a boss/whatever you say to make yourself feel amazing." And if you happen to mention that you're "not photogenic" I will HAPPILY accept the challenge to prove you wrong. 

I reside in good ol' Brooklyn, NY and hail from South Carolina. I work out of a personal studio and have an adorable Australian Shepherd mixed pup by my side during most of my shoots. 

Find yourself tempted? Intrigued at the kind of magic we could make together? Hit the contact page and let's chat!


Ann Marie