ann marie amick

fine art photographer

This lil' ball of glitter right here.

Bridget is one of those people that I don't exactly know how to describe but I can tell you how she makes me feel - It's like being surrounded by 37 puppies that bark glitter (which disappears into the atmosphere without doing any harm) and this glitter also encircles you whilst making you giggle (without knowing why) and overall just feeling delighted with the fact that you are alive and get to experience life in all its wonder.

She is magic. 

She is also a wildly talented singer and musician that is seeking to help make the world a little less shitty. 

I first came across Bridget when my friend Liz photographed her last year. After creeping on one another for the past year we were able to make magic together in August!

Bridget, you are a joy and collaborating with you was oh so lovely!

You can check out Bridget's music here and follow along with her shows and travels here!