ann marie amick

fine art photographer

Kaitlyn is one of those boss ass badass babes that you want to know. 

You want to know her because she is sunshine incarnate, combined with a hard working mentality and a love for life that is completely contagious. She has a glorious adventurous heart and wants to share adventures with people, along with encouraging them to try new things. 

She is also a badass entrepreneur. 

Kaitlyn and I met up a few months ago to discuss running a small business and going over the in's and out's of it all. We discussed budgets, LLC's, social media, marketing and all that jazz. During this time we discussed the importance of solid portraiture of both her and her products and bada-bing bada-boom we scheduled a shoot!

We spent the morning running around Jacob Riis Beach and let me tell you, this woman is a dreeeeeeam to photograph. We had a shot list along with an array of ideas we knew we wanted to accomplish but we ended up not even looking at said lists. I'm so excited about these photos and this amazing endeavor that Kaitlyn is on to create an amazing product she is super excited about. 

Eastern Surf Planes is passion project with so much heart in it. Surf Planes are for surfers looking to expand their experience or people that we just looking for new ways to have fun in the water. Designed by Kaitlyn and tested out regularly, these babies are all kinds of fun and super easy to travel with.