ann marie amick

fine art photographer

So here's the thing: I don't shoot weddings.

But when a former colleague emails you saying she wants to elope and wants you to photograph it....I mean COME ON. Jim, Sara and I made a few different plans, which promptly all went to hell, and then the night before the day of, a whole new plan was put together: The Staten Island Ferry. Have I ever shot on a ferry before? No. Was it going to be around 19 degrees the day of? Yes. Were we going to for it it regardless?


It may have been frigid but the weather aside from that was PERFECT. Hell, the entire day was perfect. We had the first look at the Staten Island Ferry Station, with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background. The ceremony was held on the ferry itself on the ride to Staten Island, with a small gathering of onlookers whom proceeded to woop and cheer when Mr. and Mrs. had their first kiss. Champagne was served afterwards amongst the small group of friends (even I got to have a glass!) and 2 NYPD officers passed by whilst giving their congratulations (I was terrified this was the day I would be arrested). Upon arriving back at Manhattan, we went on the hunt for hot dogs and then ended with a quiet dinner full of love and laughter.

Really and truly, the most magical of days. Congratulations Jim & Sara! Thank you again so much for including me in your big day!

xx, AM