Ann Marie Amick

Fine Art Photographer

Lady L

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“I want to step into my power this year.”


During our consultation, this is one of the first things L said to me. It was beautiful, empowering, and it’s something that has stayed with me from the day of our consultation. Her goals were to be feel strong, sexy and comfortable in her body throughout the shoot.

That, my dear babes, is my speciality.

During the booking and consultation process, there is a lot of discussion regarding your body and your relationship with it - where it’s taken you over the years and how you’ve come to be where you’re at now. During this process, I make notes of areas of insecurity and the like because I love to celebrate these parts and highlight them throughout the shoot. L shared with me different parts of her story with her body overall, along with fears she’s grappled with throughout her life and where she’s found herself lately - focusing on being strong and loving that feeling.

There was a lot of focus on energy throughout this shoot, playing with the concepts of both masculine and feminine energy existing within a person, as per L’s request. She also wanted to feel sexy in her skin, and man oh man, did she bring that energy like WOAH. The experience was focused on a celebration of her body here and now, and the journey that has brought L to this stage in her life.

We had a glorious experience working together, and after her shoot L shared a few words regarding her experience with me:

“I feel more confident in my sexiness now. I think it's helping to see my body more objectively and less with the negative lens in my head. I'm still getting comfortable with parts of myself but this shoot and your guidance definitely helped me get there. Thanks for creating such a safe space for me!”