Ann Marie Amick

Fine Art Photographer


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I have been incredibly lucky to call M a friend for almost 4 years now. We’ve shot together once before - she asked me to photograph the process of her shaving her head, which was even more epic than what you’re imagining in your head.

In March, she reached out to me with a whole different request:

She wanted me to photograph her scars and scabs across her body that resulted from scratching due to anxiety.

I was 1000% into it, and we made something beautiful together.

Rather than speaking for her, I wanted to share some of her words before the shoot, with her permission.

“I’m so embarrassed by my scabs and scars but I think being photographed with them would help me a lot…they hold me back in places I usually feel empowered.”

The entire shoot was focused on M being kind with herself, touching herself in gentle and loving ways. She shared that she wanted to accept her body in this stage of her life, and brought body oil to help her touch her body with intention and love. Upon sharing the first image to Instagram, the comments section was flooded by people who not only related to M’s experience with her body, but her feelings towards it as well.

I would absolutely LOVE to do more work in this realm - helping people connect to and feel safe within their bodies is why I do the work that I do. I’m so incredibly thankful to M for allowing me into her story to capture its glory.