Ann Marie Amick

Fine Art Photographer

"I always shy away from photos..."

Ann Marie AmickComment

“…I just feel like I never look like myself when I see them?”

I hear this from my clients sometimes, and it makes me all the more passionate to work with them, and help them to see themselves as they are, aka glorious. In our world of selfies and instant gratification from social media, we can quickly acquire a distorted view of ourselves, which fuels any underlying distorted thinking about ourselves. It’s a destructive circle that only causes us continual harm over time.

This is something Lady N and I discussed during her consultation and leading up to the shoot itself. She shared “I think it's time that I do something for my outer shell so my brain starts to accept it a little more.” In the end, Lady N CRUSHED her shoot. There was a lot of discussion around her anxiety and fears, acknowledging it, accepting it and working through it to get the amazeballs photos we have below. Here’s to letting your badassness (it’s TOTALLY a word) show, Lady N.