Ann Marie Amick

Fine Art Photographer

"Damn! I look beautiful!"

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Oh man, do I love a good friend referral. A lot of my babes refer one another, which has allowed for a wonderfully unique community to come together. This babe is a part of that community. She drove up from Virgina for her experience, and what. An. EXPERIENCE. She brought all the fire, all the badassness and all because of the story behind how she’s become the person she is. When she first reached out she shared,

“I've gone through a transformation with my body in the past two years…and learned to love myself no matter how I look and I really want to celebrate myself. I've never done anything like this but I feel like it's the right time.”

Our initial consultation involved discussions of rubber duckies (yes, you read that correctly) and donuts, and I was SO excited for what was to come. She shared a story of a “love/hate relationship” with her body, involving diet pill addiction, restrictive eating, and struggles with alcohol. She completely opened up during her consultation, sharing that she’s worked to get to the place she’s at with her body, and that needs to be celebrated. I couldn’t agree with her more. This babe wanted to take the intentional care and respect she’s curated towards herself and her body and channel it into artwork. Our shoot together was a full-on CELEBRATION, complete with nerdy references (which is basically just my life) and all the joy. Also, can we talk about the AMAZEBALLS shirt she brought to her shoot?!

Upon receiving her artwork she shared these words:

“My experience with Ann Marie is one I will always remember. Up front she was very easy to talk to and relatable, but also incredibly professional and respectable during the booking process…On the day of the shoot, Ann Marie walked me through the entire process in a way that helped me feel completely comfortable and confident in myself, as well as her. As this was my first photoshoot as well as my first intimate shoot, I was very anxious but Ann Marie's professionalism quickly alleviated those feelings. She went above and beyond my expectations and made me feel like a rock star the entire time!

The process was stress-free, the products were amazing, and Ann Marie is beyond talented. Her eye for lighting has me in awe to this day. Every time I look at my walls and see these amazing, artistic pictures of me, I'm able to say, "Damn! I look beautiful!" Thank you so much Ann Marie for this incredible experience!”