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Wait, what’s going on…

Am I…blogging?


Why hello there! If this is your first time in this corner of the internet, welcome! My name is Ann Marie, and I’m a photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. I’m a green apple fanatic, a big fan of not wearing makeup, and a creator of authentic portraiture.

What is authentic portraiture, you ask?

Why, it is people, as they are, in all their glory. I provide an experience and setting for people to explore different aspects of themselves in a safe and welcoming environment. If you’re curious to learn more about this, check out my FAQ & Info pages for more. I’ll be writing more about this concept in a later blog, so stay tuned.

If you’ve been around here for a minute, you might remember that I USED to blog - I blogged about almost all of my shoots (most of which were done in the corner of my bedroom in my first apartment in Brooklyn), and that was about it. I grew to HATE blogging - it felt incredibly tedious and frankly boring. To be fair, I was working an insane amount at the time, and I wasn’t doing photography full time - almost all components of creative work felt like too much to do.

I grew to HATE blogging - it felt incredibly tedious and frankly boring.

Well, a lot has happened in the last three years. I moved and now work out of a home studio. *leaps for joy* I got engaged and am getting married later this year (potentially more on that in a later blog)! I work as a full time photographer, which I honestly would NEVER happen, and I have the most amazing clients.

So why start blogging now? It’s been on my mind for a few months, and I remembered that I genuinely used to enjoy blogging - I loved being able to share stories and images, however I felt so rundown from trying to run a business and work a full time job, that I decided to stop blogging. Honestly, it was the best thing for me, and I don’t regret it at all. Boundaries are necessary in life, even if it isn’t a “smart business move.” Two years ago, putting my energy into a blog was not a good use of my time or energy. Now, I am excited at the prospect of sharing client stories again, and even sharing some components of my own life as well.

With that being said, what would YOU to see on this blog? Client stories? Behind the scenes of being a full time creative? Wedding planning? Leave me a little note below and let me know!