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fine art photographer


***This post contains images with a fluid that resembles blood - It is a theatrical prop - it is not real blood. Please be aware of your own needs and triggers before viewing images.***

I came across the glory which is Nudie Stitches in September when one of her good friends (the insanely talented KWT Designs shared about her on Instagram. Now, say what you want about Instagram, but I've met some amazing artists via social media, so it's not all bad. I was obsessed with Nudie's work from the start - conceptually, I was all about it. It was also so much fun watching her hone her skills and progressively challenge herself with new images over time. After thinking over it for a few weeks (and commissioning her for my own Nudie portrait) I emailed Nudie about a collaboration, and our idea for an Instagram giveaway came together.

Fast forward a few weeks.

Our giveaway winner ended up being the talented Lyda Kincaid, a performer and maker of things residing in good ol' Philly. From our first Google Chat meeting, Nudie and I knew that this shoot was going to be insane in the best way. Lyda mentioned that she had a variety of wigs, costumes, makeup, and wait for it, fake blood. I haven't worked conceptually with blood in years, and my lil' photographer's heart soared hearing Lyda's ideas for the shoot.

The shoot itself was a blast. Lyda came in with all the energy, jokes, and I provided mimosas and Greek yogurt (you laugh but that's how I roll). There were ALL THE IDEAS, good times and so many amazing portraits.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone that entered the giveaway! We were blown away by y'all's response, and we had a blast!

For performance collaborations and other inquiries with Lyda, you may contact her via Follow her shenanigans on Instagram as well.

xx, AM