ann marie amick

fine art photographer

I am incredibly lucky to know many talented badass women in my life. Peppina happens to be one of those women, and also happens to just be an all around fantastic human being. I met Peppina 3 years ago, and our friendship has only grown and strengthened over time. She is a phenomenal musician, and it just so happens that she released a new EP (which can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, *cough, cough*)

Why, yes, yes indeedy, I DO believe in a shameless plug for my talented friends that make amazing shit and sing like angels. Also, IT'S HER BIRTHDAY! 

Peppina and I have had a few photoshoots over the years as she has been working towards moving to Brooklyn and pursuing music here full time. She was able to make the move in February and is officially a New York resident *leaps for joy* To celebrate this and allllllll the magical things happening in her life, we decided to break in my new studio space (and roof space) with all kinds of fun portraits. 

Peppina, you continue to be a joy (and a babe) in front of the lens. I'm a lucky lady to call you friend.

xx, AM