ann marie amick

fine art photographer

You taught me to take no shit.

"Don't apologize for what you create, just make something that you can be proud of. Shoot what you know, then shoot what you don't know. Make mistakes. Fuck it all up. Take a day off. Don't force yourself to create if it's not there. Don't overshoot. No, DSLR's are not Satan - don't be that photographer that everyone hates because she only shoots on film. Don't be afraid of PhotoShop. Collaborate. Learn the types of creatives you can work with and that types that you can't. Only mix work with pleasure if it's actually worth it (it rarely is). Trust your gut. Trust your talent. Know your worth and price your work accordingly. Review your old work and be kind to yourself. Take a day and cry sometimes because this shit can be hard. Never, ever stop learning or seeking to better yourself. Call me whenever you need to."

You didn't have to take me under your wing and share your knowledge. You were patient, kind and honest. You helped me develop a style which was my own and not just one that you could point to and say, "I taught her that." You gave critique that pushed me to be better and further my knowledge. Every basic thing I know about photography comes back to what you taught me. Every new step I take on this journey I'm able to take because of you. You were the first lady to sit nude for me. The first person to say that I could do this. And you haven't stopped pushing me since. Thank you for being my mentor and best friend over all these years. And thank you for still being willing to sit for me upon my ambushing you and requesting it while you're in town for a few days. 

xx, AM