Ann Marie Amick

Fine Art Photographer

You & me. We are the fucking dream team.


I am incredibly passionate about what I do, and what I get to create with my clients. I'm in this for the long haul, so that means I have put a lot of thought into this experience for you, and there is a great deal of intentionality to it.


It's you & me from the beginning. Upon receiving your inquiry, we set up pre-session consultation to get to know one another. It might be over brunch, it might be in the studio, hell we might just end up hanging out in your apartment over a cup of tea. It's during this consultation that we discuss the whole process, from what brought you to the point of wanting a shoot like this to what products you're looking at purchasing after your shoot. We get to know each other. A lot of photographers don't necessarily take this step, but it is incredibly important to me, because you are inviting me into your life to tell YOUR story, and this step is crucial. I want you to see your photos and see YOU. After this consultation, where I will in fact answer all of your questions, including those you didn't know you had, we will schedule your session, & you will pay your session fee. 

The day of your session is all about you. The studio is your playground, based off of what we have curated together in preparation for your shoot. You will have coffee, mimosas (within reason), and snacks. When you arrive we will be able to take our time to prepare and spend time together - and it's OKAY TO BE NERVOUS. At the end of the day, I got you. We're in this together, and I will be guiding you through every part of your shoot. I will also show you a photo here and there, just to guarantee that you are in fact kicking ass. We shoot, we talk, we laugh, and it will go by more quickly than you realize. You might catch some feelings, and that's ok. You can cry. I will never tell you to hold back what is inside of you - this experience brings forth so many things.

After your session, I will put together the best of the best for you, and within 2 weeks, you will return to the studio for your reveal. Your reveal is so important to me - I want you to see and understand the badass that you are. We sit together and go through your portraits together. After your viewing, I help you decide on what pieces you would like to have created, and I place your order. Once I receive your new art pieces, I will review them personally, and then you shall receive them!

Throughout this entire experience, we are a collaborative team. Communication is incredibly important to me, so we will be chatting through every step. I"m constantly reminding my clients - I got you! I abso-fucking-lutely LOVE what I do, and I love helping people celebrate themselves!

Finding yourself more & more intrigued? Still have some questions? Head over to my booking page, & let's start the conversation!